About Me

Hi, I’m Ken.

Thank you for checking out my website.

I’ve lived my entire life in the suburbs of Chicago, and have spent the last 25 years working as an Environmental Resources Technician. It’s a challenging job, and one that I enjoy doing every day.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for almost 25 years, and I have two amazing children; one in the Army, and one in college.

I became interested in web design in the middle to late 90s, when Yahoo! looked like this. WordPress didn’t exist. Websites were coded by hand. I love the challenge of developing and designing a website from scratch, and I still do a lot of coding by hand. It gives me a better understanding of the entire process.

I’ve been in and around the music scene for most of my life, whether it be going to concerts (I’m standing outside a King Diamond show in the photo above), attending record conventions, writing album reviews or blogging about some of my favorite bands (Torche, Nirvana, Porcupine Tree, Led Zeppelin).

I also play the drums, but not in a band, and not very well.

I’ve launched, ran and managed several music blogs dating back to 1999 (Metal Heavy, Metal BUZZ, Hard Rock & Metal), and still run and maintain Inhale the Heavy. In 2018, I added a feature to the site called My Vinyl Offering, where I get up close and personal with artists and musicians to find out the most cherished parts of their Vinyl, CD and Cassette collections. Due to its popularity, I decided that launching a site specifically dedicated to hosting it would be beneficial, and that’s exactly what I did. Check out My Vinyl Offering.

I’m an extreme vinyl and cassette enthusiast, because physical media, and I drink A LOT of dark roast coffee. Black.

Things I’m Good At:

Freehand drawing to scale
Music trivia
Mouth farts

Things I’m Not Good At:

Staying healthy
Staying awake
Driving faster than the speed limit
Hitting or throwing any kind of ball

Check out what I’m doing now.