Urban Shades by Oddplay

Alexander, one of the members of the Bulgarian duo Oddplay, contacted me and asked if I’d help share the music. I normally do not respond to direct messages on Twitter, but in this case, I’m very glad I did.

Oddplay create a perfect blend of instrumental post rock on their second release Urban Shades. It’s best felt through headphones. Not too heavy. Not too light. Like I said, perfect! Be sure to check out their debut, Wonderland, for more of the same. It was released just eight weeks ago.

From Bandcamp:

“This is our second studio album. It is a dark, psychedelic wonder perfect for a late-night drive or simply when you are in the mood for something heavy but sensual, melodic but odd. The album is entirely instrumental, letting you savoir every emphatic strum of the guitar and the groovy bass. Some tracks feel like bringing you into a cerebral psychedelic experience, while others convey the grit and tremor of something more old-school. Some of them may also feel kind of light-hearted and melodic, as if watching a beautiful sunset during the first day of a desolate apocalypse. This all makes for a very unique and cathartic listening experience as the album weaves each subsequent track into a wonderful malady of styles and vibes.”


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